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Wishes of a Humanity that Never Existed is an AI based, „thinking“ media sculpture.

Using AI data processes, GANs and GPT2 to interpret human-related semantics wishes, the machine will create poetic pieces from its own language. In Wishes of a Humanity that Never Existed neural networks generate yearnings that do not exist per se, but interpreted by code trees and processes.


The trained networks will analyze and generate different wish messages, mimicking the human language, even poetry, and and combine the compiled words, sentences and expressions credibly.


The generated wishes will be displayed in a sculpture created with different software and hardware components, where the audience can read and experiment these poetic forms in a multimedia experience.


The output could be considered as an archive of dreams, as a machine-lyric artwork. It will differ from what humans produce but trying to sound convincing and similar to a real human generated message. The network will generate wishes that sound like the real ones but have never existed, like they are coming from a parallel universe.


The sculpture has a monolithic structure, based on a sand bed, emerging with a basalt stone column formation. From this mineral-like structure, a screen is embedded in the centre of the group where the AI generated poetic texts will be shown. The structure is heavy, brutal, and polymorphic. Only the screen shows a technologic component. „Wishes of a humanity that never existed“ is a post internet technofossile.


The AI generated sentences will appear each 8-10 sec. This means that the visitor witnesses the thinking process of the AI machine in real-time. This makes the concept of the AI sculpture a live form, a progressing entity that shows its thought.

The sculpture can be placed in its own space, in a unique room where it can get more atmospheric. For this purpose, specific soundtracks with audio landscapes and effects have been created. Other effects, as ground fog or smoke, can be used to create a kind of Sci-Fi aesthetic. This helps to create an expression of unreal, non-human, space like - non-existing aesthetics.



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